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Gadringer - Gurte GmbH  *  Flugplatz 17  *  D-34379 Calden / Germany
Telephon: +49 5674 921 00 44  *  Telefax: +49 5674 921 00 45


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Manufacturing and maintenance of safety belts for aircraft!

The company GADRINGER-GURTE GMBH was founded in 1966 by Friedrich Gadringer and is now located at the (older) Airfield in 34379 Calden / Germany.

The foundation was based on the take-over of the company “Alfred Baisch - Safety Belts”, which started in 1928 with the manufacturing of safety belts for commercial purposes.

Our customers include renown airlines, several maintenance organisations as well as numerous associations and private customers.

Based on our modern and well-maintained machinery and due to the high flexibility of our qualified employees we try to achieve at any time a constantly high quality of our products and a competitive production.

In July 2002 the founder Friedrich Gadringer passed over the management of the company to Petra Gadringer and Harald Müller. However, we keep our motto:

"We wish the customer to return, not the products."
Gadringer - Gurte GmbH
lugplatz 17
D-34379 Calden / Germany

phone: +49 5674 921 00 44
fax:      +49 5674 921 00 45











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